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Benefits of Aviation

  The Flight Path to Economic Growth

  • Aviation benefits passengers and freight with swift, cost-effective transportation
  • Aviation contributes to the overall economic growth of nations
  • Aviation provides significant revenues to national public finances
  • Aviation creates large numbers of high-value jobs
  • Aviation delivers extensive catalytic benefits to international trade and tourism

All this illustrates the pivotal role aviation plays in driving today’s global economy. A productive and efficient aviation industry serves as the strong foundation for the development of our globalized economy. 

Contribute to making the world understand the importance of aviation


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and other aviation stakeholders are carrying out a global initiative to produce detailed economic studies on the benefits of the aviation industry. In collaboration with the independent consultancy Oxford Economics, the goal is to identify the benefits that aviation generates for consumers, public finances and the global economy.

Wider recognition of these benefits will facilitate a stronger partnership between regulators and the aviation industry. It will also help to develop future sustainable transport policy, as well as promoting social and economic benefits across the world. Access to these reports is reserved for aviation stakeholders who take part in the online discussions.

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For questions and support, please contact us at contact@benefitsofaviation.aero

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